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Wine 101 is a 3 week educational workshop that will teach you to appreciate wine in a new way! 


You don’t need to pretend that the Shiraz someone offered you at the barbecue has fruity notes, you KNOW it has them! 


Learn to smell, taste and describe wine like someone in the industry, but without the pomp and formality of an old Burgundy snob. If you don’t know why that is an insult, this is the course for you!


Sometimes the world of wine seems so complicated that we resign ourselves to finding a favourite that doesn’t cost the earth and stick to it, but there are so many great wines out there, both here in New Zealand and around the world.


This 3 week course hosted by Sommelier Daniel Dew show you how to taste wine and to have confidence what makes each wine unique in the classic styles of NZ and the rest of the world.


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